From EC chassis to full flatbed with pick up box and mesh cave

Going from Extended chassis to full flat bed with pick up box and mesh cage
(Picture only for guidance - Picture shows Short chassis)

You need the following parts:

1 x  U2145601001 Flatbed, long  

1 x  U2145611001 Pick up box upgrade for flatbed, Long 

1 x  U2145639700 Mesh cage, long, side asm, LH 

1 x  U2145639800 Mesh cage, long, side asm, RH 

1 x  U2145638800 Mesh cage, tailgate main asm 

1 x  U2145639001 Mesh cage, upper support asm 

6 x  G1199712800 Clevis pin 10mm Dia x 23mm  

14 x G1199712500 Lynch Pin 4,5x27/32 

2 x  U2145639900 Mesh cage, front attachment bracket 

6 x  G1199712900 Clevis pin 10mm Dia x 32mm  

10 x G1199701200 Rivet, 6,4 - 17, BN 21442  

1 x  U2145637900 Rear window mesh protection  

2 x  U2145670101 Flatbed lock bracket  

2 x  U2145672200 Lock handle for flatbed and closed van box 

2 x  G1199201200 Washer, M12 DIN 125 

4 x  G1199101000 Nut, M08 DIN985/ISO7040 FZB 

4 x  G1199005700 Bolt, M8x25, DIN912/ISO4762 

8 x  G1199201300 Washer, M8 DIN125/ISO7089 FZB  

2 x  U2145671101 Flatbed tilt bracket 

2 x  G1199712300 Clevis pin 12mm 

4 x  U2145672100 Bushing Ø12-Ø18 M250-MFM-1218-20 

4 x  G1199012700 Bolt, M10x35, DIN933, FZV 

4 x  G1199201100 Washer, M10 DIN125 FZV  

4 x  G1199100700 Nut, M10, DIN985/ISO7040, Zn/Cr3