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Sealing Roadster Windscreen Sealing Roadster Windscreen
Content 1 Pieces
$121.59 *
Sealing, windscreen Sealing, windscreen
Content 1 Pieces
$195.63 *
Windscreen without heat Windscreen without heat
The windscreen without heat is for our non street legal cars.
Content 1 Pieces
$651.79 *
Windscreen with heating 48V Windscreen with heating 48V
The heated windscreen is for our road legal cars Via and Monaco. It is also suitable for Courtesy with plus package and Golf with upgrade to aluminium roof and plus package.
Content 1 Pieces
$689.50 *
Windshield Roadster Lexan Windshield Roadster Lexan
Content 1 Pieces
$744.82 *