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Cupholder Cupholder
Content 1 Pieces
$69.36 *
Dashboard, bottom Dashboard, bottom
Content 1 Pieces
$79.21 *
Instrument panel, lower center Instrument panel, lower center
There are two key differences between this G2140107201 and the G2140100602 G2140107201 has the intentions for the speaker to be mounted The lower mounting tabs are different than G2140100602
Content 1 Pieces
$93.05 *
Dashboard charger plug Dashboard charger plug
Content 1 Pieces
$127.23 *
Dashboard Dashboard
This item is the newer style dashboard cover. If your car does not have speaker indentions already present on the dashboard, you will need to retrofit over to the new style cover & frame.
Content 1 Pieces
$725.67 *
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