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Brake pedal Brake pedal
Content 1 Pieces
$144.10 *
Accelerator pedal asm, Black Accelerator pedal asm, Black
$163.17 *
Brake pedal asm, Black Brake pedal asm, Black
$170.79 *
Electromagnetic parking brake Electromagnetic parking brake
$356.20 *
Sensor bearing, AC-motor Sensor bearing, AC-motor
The sensor bearing is delivered with preinstalled connector pins and silicone seals and 1 sepperate connector housing. Before installation you must insert the connector pins in the housing minding that the wire colours are in the same...
Content 1 Pieces
$410.73 *
AC-Motor 3kw AC-Motor 3kw
Content 1 Pieces
$1,310.75 *
Rigid drive axle unit. Ratio 15,7 Rigid drive axle unit. Ratio 15,7
The transmission is delivered unfilled! Item must be filled with 800 ml SAE 80W-90 API GL-5 compatible transmission oil before use. Failing to do so will void the warranty on the unit.
Content 1 Pieces
$1,543.52 *
AC-Controller 350A AC-Controller 350A
Content 1 Pieces
$1,830.00 *
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